A Long Journey

My wait has finally ended and I’m on my way to meet happiness again. Strolling from home to office and back makes me insane but sitting at home and penning down few lines is a big relief.

I’m happy to be back into this blogging world. Hope this time I will have a long way to go.

In love with Blogging…!!


#Airtel4GSpeedTest – Airtel takes it a step ahead!


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I have been using Airtel internet on my iPhone 6 plus. They have great internet packages for reasonable price, and the speed is good. But when I came to know that Airtel has launched 4G services in India few days back and are offering 4G services in 3G price, I wanted to know more about the services and deal. And, as Airtel has always made customer service very easy and accessible, this time they have introduced a special tweet service to get information about their 4G service.

They have created a hashtag – #Airtel4GSpeedTest allowing us to know the time it will take to download any app using their 4G service. Moreover, the speed will be compared to what 3G and 2G networks would take. All we have to do is tweet to @AirtelIndia with#Airtel4GSpeedTest hashtag and the app we want to compare the download speed for.

Like all ladies, I like shopping and I thought of knowing the download speed of Myntra app. So, to get the comparison, I tweeted the following to Airtel:
@AirtelIndia #Airtel4GSpeedTest Myntra

Within a few seconds, I got the reply from Airtel showing the download speed for Myntra app using 4G, 3G and 2G networks. Here are the snapshots of tweets in sequence:

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.06.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.07.40 PM

As one can see, 4G is extremely fast and even 3G looks too slow now. On top of that 4G is available at the 3G price. And not only that, we just need to request for the 4G SIM and it will be delivered free of cost at our doorstep! What more can we ask for?

They also sent me a link using below tweet where one can find all the details about their 4G service.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.08.18 PM

The statistics speak for themselves as to why Airtel is the most reputed Telecom brand in India and how they lead by example. The latest launch adds to their credibility.

If you are also amazed by the facts presented here, just get started with your tweet to them!

My Truest Friend – My Loving Mother


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Growing up may be fun but I believe that childhood is the best stage of our life. No worldly worries, no responsibilities and no future predictions. Every person should try being a Child- Living on their own rules. As we pass from childhood to adulthood, we stop living our lives. In the pursuit of happiness we stop enjoying our present situation. We grudge over our past, keep predicting our future and start finding flaws in our present situation. Sigh!

When I was a teenager I too had some tensions. More than my beauty I was worried about my future. I wanted to be known by my own name. Today I am a Banker and enjoy a good reputation in the society. In the pursuit of this acknowledgement, the worldly tensions and my aspirations never stopped me from living my life. I enjoyed growing up. Reason, my Lovely Mother. She is the one who made me realize how blessed I am and how beautiful my life is.

Since childhood I love spending quality time with my mother rather than with my school friends. She taught me the secret to a happy life. I enjoyed playing with her, laughing with her and sharing my sorrows with her. She is my truest friend. During my student life, she always inspired me to give my best without thinking about the results. She made learning a fun. All because of her support I excelled in my studies. All I am I owe to my Mother.

Today, when parents of my friends are worried thinking about the marriage of their daughters, my mother suggests me to enjoy my Bachelorhood. She says that this is the Golden Period of my life that will never come back. I am mature, have no liabilities, earn a handsome salary and can live my life the way I want. I am free to go for shopping, watch movies, roam around, and have fun. I shouldn’t worry about the future as my Mother’s GOD will take care of it. More than a mother, she is my buddy. Really, this is indeed my Golden period because I spend time with someone who lets me fly high. I can chase my dreams without having to worry about this world.

I am blessed to be my Mother’s Child.

Hope I could have the same bonding with my children that I share with my mother. I could too become a Buddy-Parent.

For sharing your Khushi-Ke-Pal with your Mother, Log on to https://www.facebook.com/mychocos.


‘HoneyDiet’- A HealthyDiet


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Street food or we can say Junk food is the favorite meal of any youngster these days. Be it a hangout with friends or a college party or any celebration junk food has to be on the menu list. Working women also have a craving for these dishes as these are easily available in the market in the form of ready-to-eat meals. Bachelors also prefer them because of their easy availability. People love to eat such dishes even while knowing about the side effects these can have.

Traditionally people prefer eating homemade dishes. Those dishes were healthier than the junk foods we eat now a day. Their nutritional values were far better as these were prepared using genuine ingredients. No extra oil, no extra spices. People used to eat more and there was no concept like crash diet. A healthy diet has lot of health benefits like:

  1. It makes you more productive at work.
  2. Keeps you happier.
  3. Helps you in controlling your weight.
  4. Lower the risk of many diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.
  5. It can be a health aid for sleepless nights.
  6. A healthy diet will always make you look and feel younger.

Just like street food we Indians also love eating sugary desserts that are rich in white sugar and obviously not good for our health. No Indian function or a family outing is complete without a dessert. These desserts have chunks of Sugar and have multiple side effects but just like street food we also ignore these effects for satisfying our taste buds. Our ancestors knew about the harmful effects of sugar and so they prefer having a #Honey Diet i.e. adding honey to their desserts rather than the white sugar. They use to call honey as an ‘Oldie but a Goodie’ and it’s definitely true.

Honey has several health benefits. It contains a treasure of nutritional and medicinal values. Scientifically it has been proven that honey, apart from being a healthy diet, also has many more benefits like

  1. It’s good for blood purification.
  2. Is safer than sugar.
  3. Helps in digestion.
  4. Gives you a glowing skin.
  5. It is a natural antibiotic and destroys bad bacteria in the body.

There are abundant honey recipes available on the internet. It can be an ingredient for almost all types of food like cakes, pastries, cookies, puddings, salad dressing etc. Several companies are providing honey in the market. But for long in my house, we have been using Dabur Honey. Recently it introduced Honey Diet concept. Through this Dabur honey helps you in getting fitness tips, seeking suggestions form a dietician, tracking your well being using health tools and provides you with a 3-Clicks Diet planner. All this is available on the Dabur Honey website http://www.daburhoney.com/. Do check it out.

Amazing Cricket Experience..!!


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‘Knowledge is the Key to Power’. This is an idiom we have been hearing since childhood. Right from birth a child starts gaining knowledge from all the available resources and this process continues till death. Traditionally schools, colleges and various private institutes were considered as the ‘Temples of Knowledge’ but now a day’s Internet has taken over these Temples. Internet is like an encyclopedia and one can find any type of information on it. Beginning from School curriculum to Projects, News, Entertainment, Shopping, Games you can find anything over the Internet.

For gaining this knowledge we need some type of medium and for internet this medium is a Web Browser.  It’s a software that is used for accessing information over the Internet. Just like there are different and plenty of Temples of Knowledge available, there are variety of Browsers available in the market. One needs a Browser that is easy to use, has a simple interface, is faster in speed, secures information and has sufficient features according to ones need.

Recently I came across a Browser that fits into this category. Its #UC Browser-Surf it all, Surf it fast. It’s a Mobile based Browser and so one can stay connected to the world via the mobile phone. One of the most amazing features of this Browser is Gesture control. You can access its various functions using your gestures. Also there is a personalized theme option. Using this option you can adjust your mobile screen according to your preferences.

I am a banker and so needs to access various types of information over the internet. The UC Browser is the best available Browser for me. I am a cricket buff too and love watching all the matches in which India plays. But due to my busy schedule it becomes almost impossible to watch cricket on TV. At such point of time internet comes to my rescue. While being in my office I can enjoy any match through #UC-Cricket Application. It is an all-in-one cricket application that includes

  1. Hot Cricket news.
  2. Live scores.
  3. Match results.
  4. Upcoming match information with a reminder option.
  5. There is also a chat option for fans like me.
  6. Through its exclusive “Cricket Guessing Game”, users can also pick the winner of each match and collect points to get a chance to win exciting prizes.

This application provides users with more interactive and intuitive cricket services. It enables cricket enthusiasts to catch live scores and instant updates. Even while being on vacations, I can stay connected to my TV using this browser. I can see any sort of stuff on it. Its simple interface, faster speed, personalized theme options, availability of multiple features makes it a good choice.

For more information on UC Browser you can log on to http://www.ucweb.com/

All for a Healthy Skin

We live in a modern world and for most of the women the perception of Modernity is having a Smart Physique and a Glowing Skin. Women have a natural inclination towards fashion, beauty, stylish clothes, high heels, makeup and cosmetics. That’s the success mantra for all the fashion related companies.

Right from childhood we, the ladies, struggle to get a beautiful and a radiant skin. Initially it’s our grandmother’s home made remedies that help us to do so. As we gradually grow young, our skin wears down with age, lack of proper care, pollution, tiredness and a hectic schedule. Due to lack of sufficient time it becomes almost impossible to spend even some minimum time to prepare our grandmother’s ‘Uptan’. In such circumstances to get back our radiant skin we tend to depend up on various makeup kits easily available in the market.

These cosmetic products are made up of different chemicals and hence are very harmful for the skin. But due to their high publicity, easy availability and our ignorance, we seldom get to know about their side effects.

I personally depend upon home made Ayurvedic uptans for nourishing my skin. They contain lots of minerals suitable for our skin and are totally safe. There are various ayurvedic beauty packs that helps in rejuvenating the skin.

Some of these are-
1. Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth- Our body is made up of five elements and one of them is Earth. Multani mitti is an excellent cleanser. It is rich in minerals and aids in absorbing dead skin cells. Apply a thick paste of multani mitti on the face and leave for some time. When it gets dry, wash your face. You will find your face more soft and glowing right from the first use.

2. Haldi or Turmeric- It is known for its aromatic and antiseptic properties. It is very beneficial for treating dermatological disorders. You can make your face pack by adding a pinch of turmeric to it.

3. Aloe Vera- It helps in relieving chapped lips, dry skin, itching and make the skin smooth and supple. Using aloe vera gel at night before going to bed will make your skin radiant within few days.

The remedy that i personally use for my skin is VICCO Turmeric Cream with foam base. Apart from being readily available, it has many more useful characteristics. It contains almost all the minerals required by our skin. It is made up of ayurvedic ingredients that are totally safe for our skin, like turmeric.

Although many skin care products are available in the market that promise to give us a radiant skin but at the end of the day they all will have many side effects. Its better to take some time out of our busy schedules and spend some time nurturing our body and skin with ayurvedic remedies.

‘Mother’-My First Expert


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Life is awesome when we spend time with our loved ones, especially with our family. We giggle with our siblings, share our success stories with our father and yell out our frustrations at our mother.

Mother’ a simple word with a lot of affection, determination and sacrifice hidden within it. A mother is often called as the ‘First Guru’ of her child. A child sees this world from the eyes of her Mother and it is the Mother who helps her child in understanding the nitty-gritty of this world.

For me also, My Mother is #MyFirstExpert. She is a go-to-person for everything for me. She brought me in this world and from the very first day guided me on how to excel in all spheres of my life. She is My Expert as:

  1. She taught me how to behave in this world.

In this stressful life sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain your dignity. At such point of time it is my mother whose expert advice helps me in living a Dignified Life. She teaches me how to remain calm and composed and keep doing the Good Work. Her advice always helps me in maintaining a good balance between my Professional and Personal Life.

2. She taught me how to keep Myself Focused and Determined in spite of all Odds.

When I got fractured during my exam days, it was my Mother who stood by my side and encouraged me to give my best. All because of her motivation and Blessings I excelled in my Exams.

3. She is the one I can look up to whenever I need any sort of Advice or Help.

My Mother plays different roles in my life. She is my Teacher, My friend, My Boss, My Idol and My First Expert. More than a Mother, she is a Friend to me with whom I can share all my secrets. She scolds me for making me a better person. She shares her life experiences so that I can learn from them. She is the one like whom I would love to be, she is my Idol.

   Love You Mom 

I got inspiration for sharing my bond with my Mother from Godrej Expert Crème Hair Color. It is also a one stop solution for my hairs. To know more about it visit http://godrejexpert.com/single_used_pack.php

Bachat ki Khun Khun


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In this fast moving world, we want every work to be done within seconds and that too without moving anywhere. It’s the digital world today and for all our needs we heavily rely on the Internet. Although there are many service providers in INDIA but for me Airtel is the best one. I have been using it comfortably for so long.

I am a working woman and because of my busy schedule I often find it difficult to move out during office hours for shopping or paying my bills or for recharging my TV or phone or laptop. Few days back one of my friend told me about the Airtel App that can be downloaded on any phone and provides a slew of services at one touch. I immediately downloaded it on my Android mobile and now I enjoy using it especially doing virtual shopping through this app.

Although this app provides multiple features for day-to-day use, but I found three among them amazingly helpful. These are:

  1. The most compelling feature is the shake-your-phone capability. Using this you can avail a host of value-for-money offers by simply shaking your phone. It looks so cool and exciting. All you need to do is shake MyAirtel Mobile App on your Smartphone. Using the new shake feature you can get amazing recharge options like Free Data, Cash Back and Full Talk time exclusively meant for the app users. You can also avail VAS services like astrology, Jokes etc. To know more about this, see the advertising campaign “Bachat ki Khun Khun”. The sound of the savings will surely make your heart go crazy.
  1. As I wrote above being a working woman I seldom get enough time to go out for shopping. Using this app I can enjoy my shopping while being in the office. It saves a lot of time and moreover it provides exciting Recharge Surprises like coupons for shopping on popular sites like Flipkart, Amazon, EBay, Myntra etc. Once I am done with my shopping, I pay all my bills through this app.
  1. The most significant feature of this app for my family is paying bills. Although I avoid using this feature, for obvious reasons, but still I must say this app has a very simple interface. A novice like me can get comfortable with it easily. You can easily see your unbilled amount and pay your bills within seconds.

The #MyAirtelApp is a must for all the working women who love shopping. It provides amazing opportunities for shopping and that too through free coupons. In fact I would say every Airtel user must use it. You can conveniently discover and self-manage all the Airtel services at one go. For more details log on to http://www.airtel.in/myairtel.

Let’s Play ‘#EkNayiLeague’


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Successful people have one simple mantra- “Put your Heart into whatever you do and you will surely succeed”. I have grown up hearing this phrase and so it is something I try to implement in my day-to-day work schedule. I love what I do and this has given me immense pleasure and satisfaction. You all must have done the same.

Recently, Mr. Kapil Dev, one of the living legends of the cricket world came up with his new venture ‘#EkNayiLeague’. He joined Twitter with this campaign and also uploaded four videos on YouTube related to it. In all his videos he is talking about the eminent personalities of our Country like M.S. Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Kapil Sharma and is praising them for their performance. He appreciated them for their courage to fight against all odds and come out with flying colors.

There is a lot of buzz about this ‘EkNayiLeague’ and everyone is busy guessing what it could be all about. I too shook my head hard to get something about it and finally got some idea. From the videos uploaded by Mr. Kapil one thing is very clear that the rules for this game are going to be very tricky. ‘EkNayiLeague’ would be all about playing with your Brain and keeping your Heart aside. As he says, “Dil se kheloge to Hit wicket”. It’s something that may test the ‘Practical Quotient’ of the contestants and not their ‘Emotional Quotient’. Mr. Kapil, being the host, may test how well the contestants can control their emotions and handle the situation in a Practical manner. It could either be a Questionnaire related to the personal lives of the contestants or may be a mix of celebrities bound together to outwit each other or the contestants may be forced to do something that they wouldn’t even have imagined in their wildest of their thoughts.

Since Mr. Kapil joined Twitter for his campaigning, I think this game would be played on the digital platform. The contestants will participate in this league through the online medium like in an Online Quiz and the winners will be announced through Twitter. Moreover, in his YouTube videos Mr. Kapil has included many people from different backgrounds so I think the contestants here would be from different spheres of life including the celebrities and the common man.

Well whatever it may be I am sure it’s going to be pretty exciting and I am very curious to see the ball rolling. Being a cricket buff and a big fan of Mr. Kapil Dev I am eagerly waiting for the telecast of this league. And since I am an emotional person, even I would love to be a part of this league and explore my practical aspect.

If you too want to experience the excitement, log on to http://www.eknayileague.com/.

A Life Long Search…


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Ever wondered what we keep on looking for in this world? What is that one thing which can give us eternal happiness? Will that be our last desire or we will again switch to a new one?

We all are busy praying for something better than what we have right now. If i have an Alto i will pray for Honda City. If i have City, i will pray for Mahendra Fortuner. And if i have a Fortuner, i will look forward to an Audi.
Although some people say it’s good to aspire for something big but what i personally feel is that our aspirations sometimes make our life less enjoyable. We keep on thinking about new things without enjoying what we already have. We want what others have and see the irony others desire for what we have. As they say: “dusre ki thalli main laddu achche lagte hain“.
It’s good to struggle for a better life but at the same time it is also important to enjoy what you have right now. This is something you must have wished for in your past. Love what you have right now otherwise Your desire for something better and big will never let u enjoy your present and future life.