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Life is awesome when we spend time with our loved ones, especially with our family. We giggle with our siblings, share our success stories with our father and yell out our frustrations at our mother.

‘Mother’ a simple word with a lot of affection, determination and sacrifice hidden within it. A mother is often called as the ‘First Guru’ of her child. A child sees this world from the eyes of her Mother and it is the Mother who helps her child in understanding the nitty-gritty of this world.

For me also, My Mother is #MyFirstExpert. She is a go-to-person for everything for me. She brought me in this world and from the very first day guided me on how to excel in all spheres of my life. She is My Expert as:

  1. She taught me how to behave in this world.

In this stressful life sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain your dignity. At such point of time it is my mother whose expert advice helps me in living a Dignified Life. She teaches me how to remain calm and composed and keep doing the Good Work. Her advice always helps me in maintaining a good balance between my Professional and Personal Life.

2. She taught me how to keep Myself Focused and Determined in spite of all Odds.

When I got fractured during my exam days, it was my Mother who stood by my side and encouraged me to give my best. All because of her motivation and Blessings I excelled in my Exams.

3. She is the one I can look up to whenever I need any sort of Advice or Help.

My Mother plays different roles in my life. She is my Teacher, My friend, My Boss, My Idol and My First Expert. More than a Mother, she is a Friend to me with whom I can share all my secrets. She scolds me for making me a better person. She shares her life experiences so that I can learn from them. She is the one like whom I would love to be, she is my Idol.

   Love You Mom 

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